“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
― Nelson Mandela

From the 30th of November - 2nd December 2016 global thought leaders and practitioners in the field of enterprise education will gather in South Africa. The annual Education That Pays For Itself Conference is a space for these professionals to share their insights, discuss and engage with fellow delegates and participants on the future of education and entrepreneurship.

Realising a Shared Vision

Organised by UK charity Teach A Man To Fish with support from The Saville Foundation the Education That Pays For Itself conference represents a new age in education.

It represents belief in the power of entrepreneurship and the next generation.

It represents a passion for creating a better world where young people are job creators...not job seekers.

And, with millions of beneficiaries year on year, enterprise education programmes globally represent a new era in how we prepare young people for the future.


We will welcome up to 300 delegates for 3 days of lively workshops, debates and presentations. Our participants include educators, policymakers, business people, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and NGOs from around the world, all sharing their ideas and knowledge on transforming young people from job seekers into job creators through educational and profitable school businesses.


“The best thing about the conference was the level of engagement, preparation and genuineness of people to make the world a better place." - Conference participant 2015

Whether you are an organisation or individual involved in entrepreneurship in education or you want to find out how you can use these skills with your staff, students and co-workers then this event is not to be missed!


Why South Africa?

Teach A Man To Fish has been working with schools in South Africa since 2011. Our committed collaboration with the provincial Ministry of Education in Kwa Zulu Natal started in 2014. 

Growing from 60 rural and peri-urban schools in 2014, 288 schools registered for the School Enterprise Challenge in South Africa in 2015. Students in these schools have set up school enterprises such as recycling waste, school snack shops and beaded jewellery making, generating profits of up to €448 in 3 months. Participating students (85% female on average) reported gaining new skills and experience such as how to plan and set up a business, work as a team and having increased confidence and life aspirations.

It seems fitting that we celebrate enterprise education in a community that represents the positive impact it is having!

Discover What You've Been Missing!

The Education That Pays For Itself international conferences are now in their 10th year, and they just keep getting better!

Unlike other events which are dominated by endless PowerPoint presentations, we focus on learning in small groups, and sharing expertise within solution-oriented workshops.

Every year we hold the conference with an educational organisation or school so that participants can be at the heart of education innovation.

We also believe that much of the value in conferences such as ours comes from the working relationships formed, so we make sure there's plenty of time in the evenings for fun and getting to know one another.

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